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BNPL is broken. It’s time to make it Paywerk.

Current providers have allowed BNPL to become unsustainable through hidden fees and confusing small print.

With shopper-friendly Buy Now Pay Later, you can sell more to international and domestic e-shoppers. The merchant is paid in full immediately.

Paywerk is the first BNPL platform to be built with sustainable practices and a cross-border shopping experience at its heart – transparency, simplicity, and puts shoppers first.

We imagine a world where BNPL is low-cost, borderless, and completely secure for all merchants.

A world where customers are offered convenience, and respect through personal payment infrastructure that they can manage themselves.

One Click integration to all EU+UK markets

Immediate payment to merchant after shipping to customer

Standardised BNPL products for shopper in all EU markets

Domestic bank as a financier in all markets

We’re proud to be pioneering One Click integration – our standardised BNPL products immediately available in all EU + UK markets.

One Click keeps operational complexity and costs down, letting businesses build sales with no risk, thanks to our partnerships with local banks.

The result? A truly modern e-shopping experience – one that just works, as and when it's needed, with no extra cost to the shopper.

Welcome to better way to BNPL. Welcome to Paywerk.