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Introducing Invoice. Shop internationally, only pay after your items have arrived.

Women's gym tights+top



You pay




after delivery

When shopping online, expectations don't always match reality. Using Invoice, you can order whatever you want, in any size, color, or style, and only pay for what you keep. Sounds good, right?

How it works for shoppers: Pay with your Visa or Matsercard after you recieve the order. No additional costs!

Purchase today, receive tomorrow, and pay up to 14 days later. All payments automatically taken from your card. No interest. No fees. No fuss. Only pay for what you decide to keep. It really is as simple as that.


Choose Paywerk at checkout


Insert your Visa or Mastercard card details


Payments automatically processed on specified dates

Merchant Benefits

All your products, sold with One Click

  • One Click integration gives instant BNPL payment access to cross-border e-shoppers in all EU markets.

  • One Click integration enables BNPL access to all your domestic e-shoppers.

  • Full order amount paid out directly to the merchant after shipping.

  • Get sales reports and statistics via Paywerk merchant account.

Sell your products with BNPL in all EU markets.


sales on all EU markets with One Click integration